The villa is surrounded by lawns, where you can sunbath, enjoying your privacy, do sports or watch your children play.
The hillsides are characterized by olive groves and a beautiful wooded area, that survived a fire that threatened the venue about a decade ago. Mimì and Cocò’s extraordinary work and daily dedication saved the trees.
Furthermore, there’s Mimì’s famous garden. L’Orto di Mimì is not just a place where Mimì plants and harvest fruits and vegetables, but the most authentic expression of the couple’s love for nature and tradition, for life to be lived with joy, optimism and faith!

The master of the house organizes his day so as to be able to dedicate some hours to his passion – gardening – to the beat of the music, which gives in return healthy and tasteful products.
It’s interesting, fun and original to explore Mimì’s lifestyle, by cultivating a piece of the garden and learning agriculture notions, under the heading of “you can find peace and tranquility outside and inside of you, by cultivating and gardening!”